Kasim Lasi
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  • Client: : Virgin Mobile UAE
  • Category: : Ideation, Digital
  • Contribution: : Brainstorming, Creative Direction, Illustration

Virgin Mobile UAE VIP SIM ads

In the UAE, mobile numbers are used for everything – they’re a form of identification and a symbol of status.

The market for premier (high-status) mobile numbers is heavily biased towards elite emiratis. So, we need to capture their attention because what appeals to them in terms of aesthetic does not necessarily work for Virgin Mobile’s other market segments: young trendsetters, tourists and tech-refined (digitally savvy) expats.

Baseline is to improve the uptake of Virgin’s VIP mobile plans by creating aesthetically appealing collateral that emphasises the availability of these mobile plans.

The idea behind these concepts were around making the VIP SIM card luxurious, relating to the lifestyle of the target audience whilst expressing that they are readily available.