Kasim Lasi
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  • Client: : RNIB
  • Category: : Branding, Marketing
  • Contribution: : Creative Direction

RNIB: See through Sound Campaign

The ask was to create a visual identity for RNIB’s ‘See Through Sound’ music event. The identity should be memorable, accessible and appeal to an audience who are interested in popular music. Considering the branding used in the previous years were atrocious this was very much needed.

The team came up with some great ideas individually and explored marketing collateral creatively, then we boiled it down to three to present after client feedback then choose one to develop.

See through Sound was truly a music event for the senses. The identity and visuals were taken extremely well, across social media, and in person the guests as well as the acts were all commenting on how “cool, clever and uplifting the designs were.”

It was an overall successful event with great acts, the audience had fun and left with food for thought, great news coverage on the BBC and all 550 stall tickets were sold out.