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  • Client: : RNIB
  • Category: : Ideation, Digital ads,
  • Contribution: : Brainstorming, Creative Direction, Craft

RNIB: See The Need Campaign

The What

The campaign, aimed to promote the need for sight loss advisers in every UK hospital by creating a video that places the viewer in the shoes of those affected. There were also additional videos and ads showing celebrity support from Dame Shirley Bassey to Barbara Windsor.

To the support this campaign video digital ads were created across, AOL (Homepage takeovers,login/mail takeovers, banners) Innovid/ Znaptag in video takeovers and Skype Expandable banners and other assets.

The interesting aspect of the Skype expanded state was that it interacted with the viewer via their webcam showing them their own image for a few seconds and with supporting copy that begged the question what if you were losing your sight?

All designs and transitional storyboards were created and art directed by me and built by the relevant agency/media owners in house development teams.

The video on this page displays an actress showing raw emotions, as it’s set in the precise moment she finds out that they will be losing their sight.