Kasim Lasi
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  • Client: : RNIB
  • Category: : Web design, UI
  • Contribution: : Craft, UI design, Direction

RNIB: Near you

The Why

Previously an user would have had to navigate to different areas of the site to search for different events/services, i.e. you would need to go to the ‘Eyehealth’ section to search for potential support groups then the events pages to search for a relevant event. This solution allows an user to search for and locate specific services they need or want to be a part of in their own area of residence/work, it allows you to filter specifically be it; volunteering opportunities, support groups, benefit advisers or fundraising events.

What did I do?
Developed the idea with product manager and an UX designer who provided me with the relevant wire-frames which I reviewed and then after amendments we had a freelance senior designer start designing the pages – which did not go well and weren’t at the level that were required hence I had to roll up my sleeves and design the layouts and components myself.