Kasim Lasi
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  • Client: : RNIB
  • Category: : Brand development
  • Contribution: : User research, Creative Direction

RNIB: Iconography refresh

The Why

The Iconography styles at RNIB were just that. – ‘Styles’ There were more than one distinct style of icons being used leading to a massive disruption to the Brand itself tickling across Digital and Print.

I conducted competitor research and out of sector brands and how they used their icons across their brand communication in different ways, be it to sign post or to prompt function.

The What

I wanted to create something bespoke that would be own-able to RNIB and compliment the other graphic devices in our toolkit. The first style was created and liked by all but as we are the leaders in accessibility and one of our core values is to be led by our customers, I created an alternative version to test against. I also in the process created the Viewer Panel which consisted of Blind and Partially sighted volunteers willing to tell us what was more accessible to them. And style two came up top so of course, that’s what we went with.

I also wanted to create a comprehensive Icon Pack that contained the test findings in the form of guidance that could be used as a living document for internal and external suppliers and agency’s to keep the brand in check.