Kasim Lasi
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  • Client: : RNIB
  • Category: : User experience
  • Contribution: : UX and VX design

RNIB: Eye Health section UX and VX

The Why

The Eye Health information sections of the RNIB website as you can imagine are without a doubt the most visited out of all. The existing Eye Health pages were a nightmare to navigate with poor CX where the customer would have to scroll down a vertical bullet pointed A-Z list, only to select a type of eye condition that takes you to a page where you continuously scroll to find the information you need.

The What

I broke down the UX and talked to customers to understand what works and what are pain points within this particular journey of information.

After gathering all the data, pro and cons I created some wireframes to reduce the time spent getting to the relevant information and made sure that ease of use experience continued on sub pages with tabbed headers which reduced the scrolling issue.

I also added features like top 5 searches and a dynamic A-Z selector. Final visuals are below.