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  • Client: : Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Category: : Ideation, Digital ads, TV
  • Contribution: : Brainstorming, Creative Direction, Craft

Macmillan Cancer Support Not Alone Campaign

One in four people diagnosed with cancer in the UK will lack support from family or friends during their treatment and recovery. The Not Alone brand campaign was to remind viewers that no one has to face cancer alone and elevate our brand positioning.

This was an amazing campaign and I had the privilege of leading all digital design presence from website homepage refresh, the TV ad, Hero banners, outdoor digital ads, web banner sets desktop & mobile, social media channels, brand reviewing any agency work and animation to make sure Not Alone made maximum impact in the digital realm.

And the result of this you ask?
Well according to Charity Brand Index: ‘Macmillan cancer support knocks Cancer Research UK off the top of the annual Third Sector Charity Brand Index. Macmillan Cancer Support has been named the charity with the best brand in 2013 – knocking Cancer Research UK off the top spot for the first time in three years.

Gavin Ellison, consulting public sector director at YouGov, highlighted Macmillan’s launch of the Not Alone campaign as a reason for its success. He said: “The way different activity  reverberates with different groups of people that perhaps previously would not have expected to engage with the charity shows that Macmillan has first-rate campaign tactics to go alongside its strong long-term brand strategy.”

Yep all in a hard days work.