Kasim Lasi
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  • design@kasimlasi.co.uk
  • Client: : Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Category: : Product design, Web, UX
  • Contribution: : Design Direction, Craft, Prototype

Macmillan Cancer Support: In Your Area

What is it?
Well it’s the first time an user can search for and locate specific services they need or want to be a part of in their own area of residence/work, it allows you to filter specifically what you want to see be it; volunteering opportunities, support groups, benefit advisers or fundraising events.

Why was it needed?
Previously an user would have had to navigate to different areas of different sections on the site to search for different events, i.e. you need to go to the ‘Volunteering Village’ section to search for potential volunteering opportunities.

What did I do?
I initially worked with an user experience designer who provided me with the relevant wire-frames which I reviewed and fed back on, then after amendments I designed build ready pages for desktop, tablet and smartphone.

I strongly believe in mobile first hence started with mobile designs which saved time and challenges I could have faced had I have gone off and kept only desktop in mind. As I was working through designs I included the front end developers for their input and to make sure I was making their lives easier to produce a smooth yet powerful product.