Kasim Lasi
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  • Client: : Big White Wall
  • Category: : Campaign
  • Contribution: : Craft, Ideation, Creative Direction

BWW: Someone Campaign

The brief was to create a high impact yet emotive way to engage and encourage new customers in Hackney and Camden to join and also raise awareness of what Big White Wall’s core purpose really is. A platform that connects people and shows that someone does understand.

With permission, quotes from real customers were used to drive the Someone campaign with visuals that played with the words i.e tiptoe and invisibility.

Not being able to see faces was a deliberate way of playing on the anonymity of the brand and how all its users are anonymous to each other so that they remain safe within the parameters of the website as well as being free to express how they truly feel without judgement.

I also created the original headline typeface from scratch and worked the artwork specifically for this campaign, after which became the BWW headline font across all touchpoints.

The task of creating empathy through design is as always rewarding.