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  • Client : : Amazon Prime Now
  • Category: : Ideation
  • Contribution: : Creative Direction, Craft, Artwork

Amazon: Prime Now FD 2018 ideation

The Why

Father’s Day is a day that is celebrated worldwide to honor and recognise the efforts and contribution of fathers and male parenting.

To promote this Prime Now ideated some creative ideas on how to celebrate this day whilst promoting FMCG for this audience.

The What

Concept 1: SuperDad: Let’s keep it real – Dad’s are Super. This concept explored creating a superhero persona that likened a dad where we transformed the Prime Now delivery bag into SuperDad (Bag). The retro look and feel connected with the millennial fathers who grew up on old school comic books. We even styled the headline copy to look like panel captions and added subtle pop art dots to draw attention to the bag and products.

Concept 1: SuperDad Painting: This alternative had us see through the eyes of a child who had painted their dad as a superhero. We got out our watercolours and painted away! This was a really emotive approach and a personal touch that many of us can relate to growing up.