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A little about me



My experience has been broad, spanning various sectors across ecommerce, non-profit, entertainment, FMCG through to fashion both client side and agency. This has shaped an empathetic design leader with 15 years’ experience and the ability to balance high-level, holistic reason with detail-oriented design driven with storytelling.

I’ve developed and built brands. I’ve built strong design teams. Managed, mentored, helped my teams work cohesively to generate creative ideas, design apps, products and websites using data and visual exploration to get the highest CX and brand cohesion possible.




Based in London, I currently manage and lead the internal brand and concepts design team at Amazon (we’re like a mini agency in house). Busy creating strong brand touch-points, ideating large scale advertising campaigns, building and governing visual identity systems, managing relationships with business partners and clients. And I enjoy it. Even with the pace of the business moving at an incredible speed, I never lose track of developing my team to always insist on the highest of standards on anything that comes our way.


Leadership superpower



For me Empathy has always been the key to my development on so many levels across my personal and professional life.

I learnt quickly that to be successful at creative, brand and business development you need to first become customer centric and care about your audience and their needs and evolve your business around this.

Squashing negativity and treating my team like human beings rather than assets should be the norm everywhere, but you’d be surprised. To build a team of strong self-nurturing individuals all you need to do is see what genuinely makes them happy. In return I get positive, dedicated and passionate people that are driven to deliver their best work ever. Believe you me.


Kasim lasi

A thinker, designer, creative writer, leader and director of creative things.